Aroma of Solang Vale

I headed straight to the fireplace in a soft and warm woollen sweater with a bottle of rum in my hand, sat on the couch and wrapped myself in the chinchilla fur blanket lying messy and hot on the couch from previous night and waited for him to come and sit with me inside the blanket and cuddle with me as I needed warmth. We were two  just hungry explorers, enjoying ourselves in the chilly weather of Solang inside the fabulous resort we booked. The room we got had a balcony, but oh! It was closed due to the snowfall which was going to occur as said by the local people and also the overcast sky indicated when we were outside relishing the essence beauty of the valley and its cold and charismatic ambience. So, we returned to our resort with a bottle of hot rum to celebrate the butterfly-like snowflakes falling with snow as snowfall but from our resort room. 

He came to me after changing into warm clothes and sat beside me inside the blanket. I wrapped him in a tight embrace but couldn’t cover him full, as his shoulders were broad and my hands were small in breadth. But, seeing me in despair he hugged me back and started kissing my neck with his cold lips. As his soft rosy cold lips touched my neck, I had goose-bumps on my skin from the adrenaline as it rushed through my skin receptors. I slightly moved my face towards him and asked him by looking at his eyes, about the sudden act. I saw his pupils dilated and they had the fire which said that “yeah! Baby girl I want to penetrate and unravel your hidden desires about me.” I blushed, he caught my red cheeks. Yeah! I was badly caught reading his desires off his heart through his eyes. He pulled me close and bit his lower lip in a fashion which made me hold his face with my hands and I approached to kiss and taste his lips. I ended in sucking those rosy lips of him and in happiness, he lifted me up and made me sit on his lap. Oh! It was such a great feeling for both of us in the room by the fireplace we were in each other’s realms playing a mysterious game of seeking and giving pleasures. The fire from the fireplace made the room glow gold as our faces glowed from the heat of the game we are indulged in. 

He lifted me up and threw me on the bed, unbuttoned his sweatshirt and threw himself on me. He started playing with my lips with his slender fore and middle fingers. I sucked his fingertips, it was deep, he pushed his fingers deep inside my mouth I sucked them wet in glee and playfully bit them slightly, to which his expressions changed and he pulled up my shirt with his other hand and touched my bare nips with his cold supple fingers. He liked them. He wanted now to dive in my juice of pleasures. He pulled out his fingers from my mouth and he proposed me to that we should make ourselves bare. I accepted his proposal and helped each other to unopen our shirts. His Adam’s apple stuck out and his broad shoulders turned me on and I touched myself with my fingers, to which he was a wild spectator with curls from his black luscious hair lying on his forehead. He enjoyed the show of allure. It was now his turn to indulge in my desires and arrange them in order to explore my sensual realm. 

He started from my neck, with his lips sucked them hard which left my neck purple. His lips formed into a smirk as he saw that. Then came his tongue along with his lips, coordinated them so well and wet all over my bosoms by laying me down on bed and resting my arms on the bed underneath his arms. He went on with his tongue and teeth, bit my right nip and then pressing that with one hand bit my other nip, to which I moaned a little. I played along with him. He now touched my side curves, sucked and bruised them. The realm was enigmatic and filled with the charm of juices coming out of us, which we both enjoyed as we taste the delicacies of food in a restaurant. He pulled the blanket and covered ourselves in dark and hot. He coordinated his tongue and fingers in my maze of honey so well that I writhed in gasms in the dark. It was thrilling as I couldn’t guess his next move in the dark. But I was not afraid anymore as I was ready to face his wildness inside me and want what he got in store for me. Yes, he was inside me now and pounded hard so that I moaned his name hard. He touched and pushed inside me more as he too moaned. Our adrenaline hormones secreted and we were satisfied. His mysterious tactics made me smell the Aroma of Salong Vale inside that room at 3 am with temperatures dropping to – 9°C or maybe less outside.

~Poulomi Kali

The Prince of Darkness

The untouched fairness of the twilight that we witness every day after sunset is a sacred time for someone supreme and pristine to pee-ka-boo from somewhere on earth. As the sun sets slowly and steadily, every one returns to their home or shade as nobody wants as such to walk in the darkness.
As evening gracefully comes down and the sky changes it’s colour from golden to pink then to blue I saw a bird flying her way to her nest to rest after an exhausting day, satisfied herds of cattle returning to shade after grazing on grasslands. As each second passes, darkness begins to embrace every part of the ambience of nature, various crickets and insects begin to sing and chirp or stridulate merrily, various birds begin to fly hither and thither just above the earth surface.
Now, as darkness has covered the whole earth surface and the animals that walk in night and darkness starts enjoying their time, it’s his time to come on earth and absorb all sins the earth has and with his grace and beauty pacify the souls in darkness guiding them to the path of God and Light.
Yes, he is the light bearer of mankind serving the Lord since time immemorial.
Yes, he exists.
Yes, he justifies.
Yes, he is neutral,
~ Poulomi Kali

Devilish Divine

Devilish divine
The maiden was in love with a devil who loved her flaws.
Etched in memoirs were the flaws she had from her teens.
The devil a human by heart but a demon by face had magical paws
His eyes got stuck on innocence beauty of the maiden been
He was blessed with power which healed many hearts in pain
He need someone he thought the maiden might be his healer
The devil a cupid and a saviour by nature was himself in vain
The big heart was adored for his heart and optimism but the pessimists want to be his killer
He dreamt of him and maiden taking care and making love for each other
Thus, he thought of letting the maid know the fervour he had for the maid
Traversing the highest of mountains riding his black horse he came to convey his love to her
The maiden a lover of nature was admiring the beauty which mother nature beheld
At the neighing of the black horse she trembled from her reverie
Yes she saw the devil her admirer.
She got stunned by seeing the devil’s sinewy muscles and Adam’s apple and she gave a smile which was eerie
She was impressed, her heart pounding fast for the love bruises she would be getting on her
But wait, she stopped thinking, as his eyes spoke something else and that was love.
The maiden got elated, understanding her expression the big guy conveyed his fervour for her.
The maiden understood that the devil a good soul, so she summoned her close mate white dove
The devil promised keeping the five elements of nature as proof that in any grievous and happy time he would not leave her
The devil with the maiden and also with the white dove rode along the same highest mountains and reached the devil’s kingdom
His kingdom was cursed except his palace as he and his blood people had good morals inculcated
As each love story or love ballad has villains here the villains were the humans who pretended to be his mates but envied him for his good-dom
So as they arrived in his kingdom the maiden and the white dove fell in love for his palace as it was beautified and purified
His marble palace whitewashed had beautiful seasonal flowers and fruits blossoming in the yard which surrounded the palace
He decided to give her deliberate freedom to interact with anyone she liked in his kingdom and among the humans too.
Thus, the next morning the maiden with her white dove set out to explore the palace
Days passed their love blossomed, the devil’s blood people were impressed by the maiden but the humans decided to cut her through
The devil smelling something fishy warned the maiden the white dove and his blood people but as fate decides
The humans aesthetic by face and diabolic by heart deceived her and kept her in captive and put in flames the palace
The humans filled with gluttony in their eyes and minds desired to savour the maiden in different pleasures
The night that followed was horrendous, the maiden was gazed teased objectified by the humans,
The inhuman homo sapiens after having their supper were fast asleep, this might be their last supper
The maiden on the other hand told the white dove to convey this message to the devil
The white dove with tears in her eyes flew to the devil’s palace,
Everything and everyone except the devil was in ruins,
The white marble palace looked haunted like the Satan’s den
The white dove saw the devil setting upset along the River bank
Gazing at the grey flowing river he was cursing himself for believing the humans
The white dove silently landed resting her feet on the ground sat and chirped to the devil
The big guy knew it was her asked, “Oh! Mate you are alive, I thought you also left me as my lover went to other dimension. ”
The white dove was chirping, as he could talk to animals and birds he understood what she said
The devil outraged got up took his black horse and his sword put on his black robe and start riding east where the maiden was held in captive
He rode pulled harder his horse’s reins and asked him to rode fast
The horse obeyed his mate to save his mate’s love
He thus in his monstrous form came to save the love of his life
With utter patience and alertness he entered their den, he saw his lady love lying fainted on the floor half ripped half bruished
Devil with gentleness but fire in his heart asked them to free her.
But the humans filled with all the seven sins tempted him for a fight to win her
The devil got in his diabolic form, his eyes red his sinewy muscles and veins visible all through his body.
Then with his diabolic powers and strength defeated the humans snatched their lives to save her life
Yes he got hurt but now there was no human-devil living, the dove sprinkled water on the maiden’s face
She struggled to get up opened her ties, she saw that her love was hurt and bruised from the fight and agony
She put his head on her lap rubbed and scratched her scalp gently, kissed his lips then she sung a lullaby to make him take rest
The big guy fell asleep on her little lap
The next morning they departed from the place to another beautiful away from everyone where they lived happily ever after! ~Poulomi Kali

Rise of the Phoenix

A simple heart touching sketch with deep ocean like concept.
She had a supple character. She was praiseworthy among his fellow companions. She had kindness filled up to the brim of her heart. Despite these simple and gentle characteristics she was bold, outspoken and a badass character. This sketch describes two dimensions of one character. A characteristic girl who can be compassionate to her fellow people and beings. And the other dimension shows how she can turn against dishonest and intruding beings. Once upon a time she was looked down upon, was gluttonically lusted, was betrayed, was insulted indirectly, was cheated roughly, was frustrated and went lunatic henceforth the goodness burnt into ashes inside her…. But something rise from the ashes of the GOODNESS PHOENIX…. Was the most ever strong and unconquerable and not vanquishable side of her. She was thus ready to crush and knock down her haters. People would not try to subdue her with kind words anymore…. She was ready to expose HIM that is the evil-devil. She is ultimately ready to conquer her fear of competition…. She decided not to give up her passion as the passion made her more and more confident and personification of her character starts to take a new shape…..
Thus, SHE IS STRONG, BRAVE, TALENTED, SASSY and many more valor synonymic adjectives for her…
By Poulomi Kali

Passionately ruined

Will you ruin me again?
So that I get fanatic

Will you imbibe my body again?
So that my mood gets charismatic…

Will you turn on that crimson light?
Under which you sedimented my desire

Will you let me pamper you again?
So that my love hormones get to work in choir

Will you let me explore you completely?
Thus clearing and pacifying all the doubts about you

Will you turn up to exploit me?
Thus exploiting and exploring my every hue

Will you drive me mad?
Because I am mad to get pushed by you again

Will you gulp the wine of desire?
Thus absorbing me and driving me insane

Will you let me etch love bruises on you?
Those would become my memoirs on you

Will you inject your sweet poison of hypnocity in me?
So that I can fondle your fantasies true

Will your touch be so soft and tender?
So that I can’t deny your ardently intense cravings

Will you let me feel your extraterrestrial part?
So that you can ruin me under the inebriation of passionate feelings.

Will you…?

-By Poulomi Kali

…and that voice is yours

One voice that relieved me off grievances
One voice that filled my heart with immense glee
One voice that triggered my love hormones
One voice that brightened my faded mood and soul always
One voice that made me fall in to the pool of love-paradise
One voice to embrace
One voice not to be affected by the OBLIVIONS’S CURSE
And that voice is YOURS.

Divinely Casted Countenance

The defined subtle archs of my fore-head, the pierced steeped cartilage projecting off my face, the white watery balls with blackest black holes resembling dots immersed in fluid, with big fabu-lashes sticked outside of them, the space provided for forming two dimples and last but not least the rosy soft curves provided for touching your lover with love- define the beauty of my countenance.